Grated Cassava 454g. (Kain-na!) hover image

Grated Cassava 454g. (Kain-na!)

Grated Cassava or Kinayod na kamoteng kahoy, 454gFree Pinoy recipe for Cassava Cake: For more detai..


Grated Purple Yam (Kinayod na Ube) 454g. (Kain-Na!) hover image

Grated Purple Yam (Kinayod na Ube) 454g. (Kain-Na!)

Best ingredient in cooking dessert.Grated Purple Yam (Kinayod na Ube), Frozen 454g...


Horseradish Leaves (Malunggay) Frozen 227g (Kain-na) hover image

Horseradish Leaves (Malunggay) Frozen 227g (Kain-na)

Kain-na Frozen Horseradish Leaves (Malunggay) 227g..


Jute Leaves (Saluyot) Frozen 227g. (Kain-na) hover image

Jute Leaves (Saluyot) Frozen 227g. (Kain-na)

Kain-na Frozen Jute Leaves (Saluyot) 227g..


Pang Dinuguan 1.1kg (Kain-na!) hover image

Pang Dinuguan 1.1kg (Kain-na!)

Pang Dinuguan 1.1kgBy: Kain-na! Recipe - Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew): http://lutongpangpamilya...


Pang Goto Kare-Kare 1.1 Kg. (Kain-na!) hover image

Pang Goto Kare-Kare 1.1 Kg. (Kain-na!)

Pang Goto Kare-Kare 1.1 Kg..


Pang Papaitan 1.1kg (Kain-na!) hover image

Pang Papaitan 1.1kg (Kain-na!)

Pinapaitan is a very popular dish in the Northern Part of the Philippines more specifically in ..


Pigs Blood ( Dugo ) special 450mls (Kain-na!) hover image

Pigs Blood ( Dugo ) special 450mls (Kain-na!)

Pigs Blood ( Dugo ) special 450mls - ( KAIN-NA! )Free recipe - Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew): http..


Pinoy Hotdogs 500g. (Kain na!) hover image

Pinoy Hotdogs 500g. (Kain na!)

Kain na! Frozen Pinoy Hotdogs 500gCooking Suggestion:Shallow fry in low heat for 3-5 mins...


Saluyot (Jute) Leaves 227g. (Pearl Delight) hover image

Saluyot (Jute) Leaves 227g. (Pearl Delight)

Jute Leaves is a good source of iron, vitamins B & C and calcium. Medicinal uses include tre..


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