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Bamboo Shoot (Strips) in Water 227g.

Bamboo shoots are the ivory-colored shoots from young bamboo plants. Twin Elephant Bamboo Shoot are ..

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Dried Taro Leaves - Pearl Delight 114g

Taro leaves make an excellent accompaniment to curries and dishes containing coconut milk.Dried Taro..

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Mung Beans (Monggo) 400g.

Mung Beans are a high source of nutrients, including manganese, potassium, magnesium, folate, copper..

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Saluyot ( Jute ) Leaves 227g

Jute Leaves is a good source of iron, vitamins B & C and calcium. Medicinal uses include tre..

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Shredded Young Coconut 454g

Taste the soft, luscious meat of shredded young coconut.Pearl Delight Shredded Young Coconut 454g..

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