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Chicken Longganisa 450g.

Longanisa CHICKEN 450g ESPENOSA's BEST..

£5.45 Ex Tax: £5.45

Pang Bopis 1 kg

Bopis is a spicy Filipino dish made from minced pig’s lungs and heart. This can be served as an appe..

£4.95 Ex Tax: £4.95

Pinoy's Choice Jumbo Hotdog (Filipino Style) 750g.

Pinoy's Choice Jumbo Hotdog (Filipino Style) 750g...

£5.75 Ex Tax: £5.75

Pork Longganisa SWEET 450g

Pork Longganisa Sweet by Espinosa's Best, net wt. 450g, Longganisa is a Filipino Sausage made with p..

£5.45 Ex Tax: £5.45

Pork Tocino 450g.

It is made from 100% young pork, has no salitre, and has low shrinkage when cooked.Pork Tocino Espin..

£5.45 Ex Tax: £5.45

Skinless Pork Longanisa 450g

It's made using premium pork to ensure great taste for consumers.Bulacan Skinless Pork Longanisa..

£5.45 Ex Tax: £5.45

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